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The forty-year experience of the Migliorini Gioielli company finds today its most modern expression thanks to Stefano Migliorini and his brother Marco, who have been managing the business started by their father for more than 13 years.

Stefano is responsible for the entire commercial and client-facing sector, while Marco manages the technical-production part and the development of new jewels.

The company is rooted in the Arezzo district, one of the most famous areas in the world for the production of gold and silver.
The Migliorini Gioielli company is mainly specialized in the manual production of empty chains and rings in 9kt, 10kt, 14kt and 18kt gold, but over time it has been able to get out of the specificities of vacuum processing in order to offer its customers a wider and more varied rangeof jewellery.

The classic range is certainly the soul of the production, but this was later joined by the creation of patterns by combining three-dimensional and two-dimensional modelling.

Today, in fact, the most modern and advanced processing techniques are used in order to offer the market what is most in line with fashion trends and consumer requests.

Even the finishes of the jewels are studied and realized according to the different needs; with shiny, satin or knurled, diamond or hammered meshes, Migliorini jewels are able to align themselves with all the most popular styles and looks with the final consumer.

This has made it possible to create splendid jewels capable of transmitting emotions to consumers all over the world.

The company mainly targets international markets and those customers who are looking for a qualified pre and post sales service, ensuring, in addition to a well-made and tasteful jewel, a scrupulous quality control of the entire production process.

The Product Development department is also open to customize or create tailor-made products from scratch for the customer who is faced with a constantly and rapidly evolving market, with stylistic and cost requirements that are increasingly attentive to detail.


MIGLIORINI GIOIELLI has always paid particular attention to the ethics of its production, respecting its workers and the environment.

Pursuing a specific policy trying to maintain a very high focus on environmental and social sustainability.

This has led the company to work only with fine gold from LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) metal banks and to commit to obtaining the prestigious RJC Responsible Jewelry council certification) Certification under the RJC system is based on the Code of Practices (COP) standard.

The COP establishes responsible practices for corporate ethics, human rights, the social sphere and environmental issues.

The COP measures have been established by referring to national and international legislation and international and sectoral standards already in place, as well as sound business practices.

The second process we are particularly careful with is the traceability of our products: we are able to guarantee and track the whole production process of customers’ products.