• About us


After over thirty years of experience in the goldsmith sector, the Migliorini family renewed the company in 2007, with the handover from founder Giovanni Migliorini to sons Marco and Stefano .

The company is rooted in the Arezzo district, one of the most famous areas in the world for the production of gold and silver.

Here workers and technologies are aimed at achieving the best possible quality for the production of gold jewelery.
The company Migliorini Gioielli Srl is mainly specialized in the manual production of empty chains and rings in 9kt, 10kt 14kt and 18kt .

The classic range is certainly the soul of the production, but this was later joined by the creation of patterns by combining three-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling.

This has allowed us to create splendid jewels capable of transmitting emotions all over the world.

The company is mainly aimed at international markets and towards those customers who are looking for a qualified pre and post sales service , ensuring in addition to a well-made and tasteful jewel, a scrupulous quality control of the entire production process


MIGLIORINI GIOIELLI has always paid particular attention to the ethics of its production, in respect for its workers and the environment . Pursuing a specific policy trying to maintain a very high focus on environmental and social sustainability.